Playing God The Perfct Child
This is a project I’ve been involved with for the past 4 years. Its fantastic playing with Corky Laing (Mountain, West Bruce & Laing), Stefan Bergren (Company of Snakes) and so many other talented Musicians involved with the show. I was approached by Matti & Tuija in 2012 and did my audition over a bottle of Jaloviina (Finnish Brandy) and now play Guitar/Mandolin/
Keyboards and Backing Vocals and have a small acting part in a scene as Head God. The pilot show in Switzerland 2013, was well received, we performed to a sell out audience, March 2014 in Helsinki and April 2015 saw us performing a few shows in the states.
Link to Playing God website click Here and some photo’s below from Switzerland and Helsinki
Basel Switzerland
Helsinki Finland