I thought I’d share with you, a few photos of my life outside music. Well most of them.
I also work in the background of the entertainment industry too, working for a few production companies in rigging, site power distribution and event management.
Personal Photos
My old bike helmet’s come in useful
Martti showing me how to play Uriah Heep songs :-)
A pussycat
The same Pussycat
Ann and me in Himos
The bikes at the top of the Isle of Man
My friend Martti from Helsinki
My son getting drum lessons off Ann
Chilling in Basel with Niall Matti and Harri
Basel August 2013
Rehearsals in Switzerland Playing God
1991 Which ones me?
This is funny!
Something I worked on for Snowpatrol 2012
and what the final product was
One of the first wheel chairs ever made
Crazycat again
Minus 13 in Helsinki
My kids and my Nephew in the middle
My Sister and her son Sean
My daughter loves her dad :-)
My Mum and Dad
A cold January night
in Helsinki 2013
Spain 2008
Another Pussycat
Rossendale Scout Brass Band Fantastic
Tallin old town
Tallin old town
Drumathon 2012,  800
drummers world record
My lovely pussycat Gypsy
Morris Owners Club 2012
with my son Jon
Red Nose Day 2007 at Chorley FM
Don’t Ask :-)
My birthday meal 2012. We all miss you Dave
Rex Roman Show
This photo of Gypsy is now used on my CD
Rex Roman Royal Mile Edinburgh Festival 2009
Setting up Pulse reunion gig 2012
The show itself
Me and some of the Liverpool Stadium Gang
Took a while for 5 of us to put this up
Humpback Whale in New Zealand amazing
The tail
Riding Royal Enfields in India
Flying Kites in India, you can just see the kite
The Taj Mahal amazing building