We had a great time and we will be back doing more gigs in Finland very soon.
                      On behalf of Trevor, Mikaela, Maria & myself a big thankyou to everyone
                                                          who came to the gigs
Finland 2014 Oct
Joensuu on a cold Friday morning
Joensuu Station
A selfie at On the Rocks
On the Rocks Helsinki
Trevor, Maria, Mikaela and me
Left to Right
Phil , Mikaela and Trevor
Trevor Hensley
Trevor and Mikaela
Mika Tuning up
Let me in!!!
Trevor Mika and myself
Trevor & myself Kerubi Joensuu
Kerubi Joensuu
-5 degrees but we are warm :-)
On the Rocks with Trevor Mika and me
The Interview
Am I in my living room?
Mikaela Trevor and me
Leena and myself
Kerubi Joensuu
Song to the World
Interview with Janne
Chilling before the gig in Joensuu
After the gig
Juha and Phil
Myself Leena and Trevor
Enough said
On the Rocks Helsinki
Trevor Tuula and me
2 dodgy guys from the UK :-)
More video’s to come
   Times Like These
       Song to the World